Article: Would you like to leave the Watchtower organization but you just don't know how?

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How to leave Jehovah's Witnesses

A lot of times when people discover that the Watchtower organization is false and wrong, their first instinct is to want to flee and get the whole ordeal over with. Unfortunately the cost is usually very high, and it is very difficult to leave the Jehovah's Witness religion. The organization makes it as emotionally traumatic as possible by cutting the person off from their family and friends when they leave. They do this to try and force the person back by using emotional blackmail.

The three methods you can use to leave the Watchtower organization

Now the first possible solution to leaving is not to leave outright. In short, you may want to rather fade over time. Just stop attending meetings and going out on field service. You now still have access to your family and friends. If you are later visited by congregation elders on shepherding calls, do not criticize them or the religion. Listen to their speeches and seem co-operative. The visits only last for about an hour and they will only do this once or twice. Eventually they will leave you in peace.

The second solution is to become part of the conscious class. These are witnesses who know that the Watchtower organization is a lie. They actively but secretly try and open as many witnesses eyes as they can. This can be dangerous but very fulfilling work. Part of the support structure for the conscious class is to join Witness Internet chat groups to get emotional support. The groups are generally anonymous and you will find ex-witnesses who went through exactly what you are going through now.

The third solution is to just leave outright. Before you do, it must be stressed that you should join an ex-witness Internet chat group to get emotional support during this trying time. Many ex-witnesses have been cut off from their family and friends and in some extreme cases, some young people have unfortunately even been left destitute. So joining an ex-witness chat group could be an emotional lifeline. One chat group is called Jehovah's Witness Support Forum and can be found here:

Lastly you could probably use one or even a combination of the above-mentioned methods in your own situation. Well, good luck all the best in your journey and thank goodness that you have awoken from your slumber.

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