Article: Blood saves Jehovah's Witness lives!

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Blood saves Jehovah's Witness lives

As you may or may not know, Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden by their religion to accept blood transfusions or any of the four primary components of blood namely:
- White blood cells
- Red blood cells
- Plasma and
- Blood platelets
They are allowed however to accept blood fractions. These are the sub-components of the four primary components. That is like saying that you cannot eat a cheeseburger but you can eat the bun, the meat, the cheese and the relish separately but not together. Does this not strike you as being totally illogical?

Another point is that any Jehovah's Witnesses that donates blood is immediately kicked out of the religion which they call dis-fellowshipping. The Watchtower organization's view is that God will severely judge any person that donates blood to save another humans life. But then they readily go and accept blood fractions which come from blood which is donated by the same people who have supposedly been condemned by God. Ask any Jehovah's Witness hemophiliac (a hemophiliac is a severe bleeder) where the factor eight comes from which keeps them from bleeding to death. It cannot be manufactured synthetically yet, so it comes from human blood. In short: Blood saves Jehovah's Witness lives.

In conclusion, the Jehovah's Witness blood policy is plainly illogical and inconsistent. It is a standpoint that is struggling to keep up with modern technology and is still firmly stuck in the nineteenth century.

Good health to you.

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