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CT Russell and the Magical Growing Pyramid

To Charles Russell, founder of the Watchtower magazine and the International Bible Students Association which later spawned the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Great Giza Pyramid was much more than a tomb. According to Charles, God had ordered its original construction and it was built by the priest king Melchizedek who is mentioned in the biblical book of Genesis. According to him it was therefore a divine marker left for mankind, and it’s “prophesies” were left for Charles Russell to unravel.
According to Russell the internal measurements indicated that the 'end times' that was spoken of in the Bible would begin in 1874. This was according to the 1904 edition of Russell’s book “Millennial Dawn, volume three”. Six years later in 1910, the same book was renamed “Studies in the Scriptures, volume three”. The exact same paragraph now indicated that the year 1914 and not 1874 had become the start of the end times! That is a forty year difference in two versions of the same paragraph of the same book! Because of this change, the measurement from the “Entrance Passage” of the Great pyramid to the entrance of the “Pit” had to also increase by forty inches!
How could the measurements of this great stone monument, which has remained unchanged throughout thousands of years of history, have changed by forty inches in six years?
I think that the forty inch difference was the length of 'Pastor' Russell’s nose after he had told this huge whopper.

This chart is called the
Chart of the Ages and shows
how Russell used the measurements
of the great pyramid
to predict mankind's future

So here is the paragraph from the 1904 edition of Millennial Dawn, volume 3 (Thy Kingdom Come) p.342.
Parentheses footnotes have been added to indicate the differences with the 1910 edition:
“So, then, if we measure backward down the "First Ascending Passage" to its junction with the "Entrance Passage," we shall have a fixed date to mark upon the downward passage. This measure is 1542 inches, and indicates the year B.C. 1542, as the date at that point. Then measuring down the "Entrance Passage" from that point, to find the distance to the entrance of the "Pit," representing the great trouble and destruction with which this age is to close, when evil will be overthrown from power, we find it to be 3416 inches (3457 inches - In the 1910 edition), symbolizing 3416 years from the above date, B.C. 1542. This calculation shows AD. 1874 (1915 – In the 1910 edition) as marking the beginning of the period of trouble; for 1542 years B.C. plus 1874 years AD. equals 3416 years. Thus the Pyramid witnesses that the close of 1874 was the chronological beginning (1914 will be the beginning - In the 1910 edition) of the time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation -- no, nor ever shall be afterward. And thus it will be noted that this "Witness" fully corroborates the Bible testimony on this subject...”

There are a couple of extra facts about this small snippet. Russell assumed that God used the measurement unit of inches to indicate the prophetic timeline. This was a couple of thousand years before the measurement unit was even in use. Why did God use imperial measurement? Why not metric? After all it has become a more universally used measure. Also BC and AC was used in the Pyramid prophesy although the Anno Domini dating system was only devised by the monk Dionysius Exiguus in 525 AD. Well this would certainly be a fantastic prophesy if it were true would you not agree. It would imply God (not the Pharaoh Khufu) had the pyramid built with a measurement system which had not yet been devised, using a calendar system which would not exist for thousands of years, so that Charles Russell could unravel the mysteries of the ages in the late nineteenth century. Brilliant!

But alas, after his death in 1916 even his followers at the Watchtower Society had abandoned his ideas. In 1928 the Watchtower magazine of 15 November 1928 declared: “It is more reasonable to conclude that the great pyramid of Gizeh, as well as the other pyramids thereabout, also the sphinx, were built by the rulers of Egypt and under the directions of Satan the Devil... Then Satan put his knowledge in dead stone, which may be called Satan’s' Bible, and not God's stone witness...”
So it went from being God’s monument to Satan’s Bible. That’s quite a reversal.


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